Release Notes

Find out about the latest features, improvements and fixes on our product.

Our current release is called Beetle. Like the insect, our product can’t fly but is rapid and has a hard skeleton: we’re building fast and in a robust manner.

  • Beetle 1.10.1: Stable & Gentle
    Time for an update on our latest developments. We’ve been working on the platform’s stabilisation & optimisation, especially on the automatic translation tools. It’s an ongoing task.

    We’ve also got some novelty: we’re launching two new features today. The first allows you to open a Deeplink chatbot in the middle of a dialog. This is extremely useful when you want to switch from one bot to another, and dive right into the topic of interest. To do so, you must first define an anchor on the first message of a topic. This is done in our dialog editor, in the advanced parameters pane, where you set an “External Anchor”. Then you can call you bot by referencing that anchor in the URL. With a fullscreen bot, add ?state=yourAnchor to the URL. With a bot as widget, you’ll need a JS function to setState(). And option to reset the dialog exists as second parameter. An example is given at the bottom of this release not.

    The second new feature is destined at helping you onboard new customers: you can now spotlight an element on a page, whilst your chatbot explains it’s meaning & functioning. The spotlight darkens the whole page except the HTML element you want to highlight. You select an element, you must enter it’s CSS ID in the advanced pane of a message. This feature is currently in BETA release – your feedback is welcome.

    document.getElementById('chatbot').__vue_custom_element__.$children[0].setState(state, resetDialog)
  • Beetle 1.8.1: Redesigned Data Campaigns
    We’ve been silent for a few weeks, hard at work on one of our platform’s core features. Today we have very happy to present you with a new version of our Data Collection Tool.

    In our push to make AI more accessible, we’ve rethought the way you create a campaign, the way people complete the polling survey, and how easily you classify the data. We’ve also taken this opportunity to rethink the navigation on the platform, choosing words that are more natural for all.

    We are also launching a new action, in “beta” mode: you may now interconnect two bots. Said otherwise: as a user interacts with a first bot, you can redirect him to a second bot and launch right into the middle of the dialog, at any point you have decided.

  • Beetle 1.6.3: Increments

    What’s New

    In this release, we’ve addressed several small issues.

    • Announced in the last release, the sending of card’s had been empowered, to allow the specification of one or several recipient(s), a subject and a sender name. Note that these fields can be dynamic, if you use variables. We’ve also fixed a few bugs, linked to variable substitution and images in emails.
    • The Dialog Editor now warns of concurrent edition of the chatbot: no more risks of erasing a colleague’s work. We’ve also taken this opportunity to improve copy-past of objects.
    • Finally, just for the fans of Star Trek we’ve introduced teleportation! Well, it’s only half of a joke: there is now a new action which allows you to switch from one bot to another, if you believe this other can better answer users’ questions. It’s a first step, and we will continue to work on this. But as the captain of the starship USS Enterprise would say: “Things are only impossible until they’re not
  • Beetle 1.6.2: Actions Speak Louder than Words

    What’s New

    This week, it’s all about the action! We are bringing a new feature, labelled “actions“, which allows you to trigger actions in the dialogue. The first action is changing language in a dialogue, meaning you can detect someone is speaking another language and respond directly in his or her idioma. The second is sending a card via email (as content or attachement). What’s fun, is that the cards can contain variables, that is answers from earlier in the conversation.

    We’ve also brought some adjustments to the custom monitoring, and the ordering of elements in dropdowns.

  • Beetle 1.6.1: Let’s talk

    What’s New

    • We’ve worked extensively on improving Languages. Firstly, we’ve added many new ‘official’ languages (including Arabic). Secondly, we’ve added the ability to create custom languages (Star Wars fans, get ready to have your bot speaking in Klingon!). Finally, we’ve made translations easier for natural languages (for example Creole), as you may copy from an existing language.
    • Groups of variables (and single variables) can now be combined, and used in dropdowns. For instance, you can define a list of countries, and associate them with the variable “Europe”.
    • Various bug fixes (API corrections, copy-paste in editor)