Release Notes

Find out about the latest features, improvements and fixes on our product.

Our current release is called Beetle. Like the insect, our product can’t fly but is rapid and has a hard skeleton: we’re building fast and in a robust manner.

  • Beetle 1.4.2: Stabilisation
    A round of behind-the-scenes fixes are bringing stabilisation this week. We got rid of some glitches around our cards, such as the automatic ordering of the versions. The translations now properly handle all types of variables, including dropdown values.
    And we’ve introduced a new language into our platform: Arabic.
  • Beetle 1.4.1: Power Cards

    What’s New

    We are very excited, as this week we have a major release.

    First, we’ve really improved our cards: they become conditional!  It is now possible to query conditions you’ve defined in your dialog, and display contents conditionally. An example? Say you want to display a special bit of text to people above a certain age: now you can. In the bot, ask them their age (why not use our cool slider widget), assigning the answer to a variable. Then in the card, add a condition “IF user_age is greater than 50” and choose what you want to display. You may even embed cards as a conditional response. It’s now really easy to maintain your cards!

    Second, we’ve developed a new information dashboard. Thanks to a revised backend which allows for super-fast loading of the data, we are happy to offer a new dashboard. We’ve computed some new metrics, to assess the most recent changes on your bot (reach, engagement, active sessions), and added some more interactive graphs. And of course, a new date selector allows you to assess this data for any period you are interested in. Furthermore, we’ve given it our visual twist!

    Finally, we’ve introduced an improved design page for your bot’s visual customisation. You can now, for instance, remove the border or shading around your chatbots.

    Bug Fixes

    • Cards can now be translated as many times as you want.
    • The presentation of card details has been simplified.
  • Beetle 1.3.3: Continuity

    The deep dive continues, we are preparing some nice features for the future. The main improvement this week was on our NLU engine, which now operates in German too. 

  • Beetle 1.3.3

    This week has all been about fine tuning, what some might call submarine operations


    • Our submariners ironed out some display glitches on the chatbot’s visuals
    • They worked on the statistics engine. With some new queries, and a revised architecture, everything should run faster and smoother now
    • Our IT bubbleheads also made some server optimisations, relying on more SSD storage (i.e. faaaaast!)
    • And our steely-eyed killers of the deep fixed some bugs, of course

  • Beetle 1.3.2: Cards

    What’s New

    In this week’s release, we’ve worked on the cards. The cards are now fully multilingual, with an automatic tool to translate from the main language. At the same time, we added a full versioning control tool on the cards.


    • We’ve finished migrating our Natural-Language Understanding (NLU engine) to our swiss-based cloud
    • We’ve fixed some bugs on the multibot