Beetle 2.3.2: Duplication

We’re very happy to bring you several big changes this week.

First, we’ve overhauled our mechanism for bot duplication. A copy of a bot now not only keeps the dialog in it’s complete form, it also contains all the intents and associated sentences for a ready-to-go AI engine.

Secondly, our chatbot’s layout on smartphones has been improved. You can now easily close the bot and return to the background website. Upon entering textual answers, iOS now presents a more natural and intuitive UI. And we’ve also fine-tuned the graphics of the slider components to reflect the bot’s graphical design settings.

We’re also super excited to launch a new feature: Automated Data Enrichment. What’s hiding behind that name? Well, we know how time-consuming it can be to collect data to train your AI engine, and regularly have to classify fresh sentences from users. And this is even worse, when you have several languages. We’ve come up with a new automatic processing to save you time: our system will add AI-generated synthetic data from other languages, which our advanced machine learning engine has detected as carrying high added value. This feature can be activated on your project’s Settings page.

Several optimisations were also carried out:

  • we’ve release the 3rd version of our analytics dashboard. In a bid to help you better understand your users’ behaviour, we’ve now added some satisfaction measures, and allow to drill-down according to device and languages. We’ve also taken this opportunity to display more intent-related stats, and fixes a few minor bugs.
  • the versioning page (and related actions) is now much faster to use.
  • admin users can now edit/rename/modify intents
  • we’ve changed the UI of the Settings page to be more user-friendly