Swiss generative AI to explore your data

Upload your documents and let our sovereign AI generate precise answers to them without delay.
Create dazzling chatbots using our easy-to-use interface.
Translate your texts with confidence, with your data remaining in Switzerland.

Swiss Sovereign AI

No dependencies on third-party providers like OpenAI, Google Bard or Bing AI.


Your conversations are private to you, and their treatment complies to Swiss laws.

Secured Data

All data is processed and hosted only in Deeplink’s platform – it stays in Switzerland.

Built on your data,
enhanced by AI,
tailored to your needs.

Magic From Your Data

To create an AI bot, all you need are documents. The AI model generates answers based on your data only, without making anything up.

Simply provide documents, text snippets or crawl content from URLs to build the data pool for your intelligent chatbot.

Smart AI Answers

Rely on generative AI to instantly forge precise answers. Whatever the question, the AI automatically selects relevant information from your data, to build a smart answer in a human-like tone.

It even works across multiple sources, independently of their language. It’s brilliant!

Control the Conversation

Despite the magic, you stay in control of responses at any time. When necessary, escape the AI and fine-tune your bot’s actions.

Trigger specific actions, such as the creation of a support ticket, or the gathering of customer feedback. You are in charge: you decide which action takes precedence.

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