Product Features

The AI Chatbot Platform

Create dazzling chatbots with our drag-and-drop interface, and activate a powerful AI engine in one easy click.​

Forge your bot's dialogue

Thanks to our easy-to-use visual editor, you are in full control of the dialogue with your customers. Choose questions and answers, and see how they help your bot find the content your customers want.

You can even display detailed contents with our unique flyout cards. And of course, all this is versioned for easy editing, allowing your bot to grow seamlessly alongside your business.

Speak any language

It’s a global marketplace, and your customers may be more comfortable interacting in their native language. No problem: our platform integrates an automatic translation engine! Your bot will be speaking several languages in minutes, and you can always improve the translations manually.​

Design Your Look & Feel

Your virtual assistant speaks for you, and should reflect your company’s proud identity. With, you can customise the look and feel of your virtual assistant, adding your colours, logo, and branding. 

Track Performance

Track the performance of your chatbots with our analytics dashboard. Get insight into which answers are most effective in helping your users. See the number of conversations, trace your users’ activities, view busy daytimes, and understand how to improve both your virtual assistant and your business.

Our platform

Take control of your data!

Your data is critical, and not just for the reasons you know. It’s what allows your chatbot to properly serve your customers, so we’ve developed powerful and secure tools to help you maximize the quality of your dataset.

Run a polling campaign

Send a link to your employees, friends or a test panel of selected users and start gathering sample sentences. Placed in a context as close as possible to that of the final chatbot, it is designed to collect high quality data making your bot smarter and more capable.

Dataset Crowdsourcing

For smaller companies without a large data pool to rely on, no worries: your bot is fully compatible with crowdworker platforms. For a modest budget and within a few days, collect as many training sentences as your chatbot engine needs.

Classify & validate

Because even humans sometimes misinterpret intentions, you can review and classify your polled data. And to make the task easier, our in-house metrics pre-validate the data for you, giving you a head start in identifying erroneous answers.


Our platform is interoperable, offering full transparency. At any moment, you may import or export your da-ta and responses to and from other popular tools. Don’t get locked in somewhere else – keep your freedom with

Reusability & Multibots

Our chatbots are designed to be reusable. Each part of a dialog (intent), or even a whole bot, can be shared and integrated into your other chatbots. This way, your organization can handle multiple entry points, whilst keeping a centralized and coherent view of your digital content.​

Integrate Anywhere

Connect your chatbot with your existing tech stack. Our solution is fully compatible with most major data management platforms, such as WordPress & Wix. All your bot’s information is accessible through our API connector, ensuring maximal flexibility of integration. You could for instance connect it to Telegram!

Artificial Intelligence

AI to Go Beyond the Script

Thanks to our AI, your chatbots can do more than just listen. They will understand the full meaning and nuance of a customer’s sentence, based on natural language understanding, and accelerate straight to the best answer. And obviously we’ve kept it simple to use.

AI Training

You can train the AI engine with a simple click and provide it with the latest training datasets you have collected. You can choose to deploy or not in production, and you can see where your AI is effective, and where it may need improvement (helping you to decide to launch a new specific data collection campaign…)

AI Testing

The best way to better understand how an AI engine “thinks”. You can easily test any end-user sentence and analyze how the AI engine reacts, seeing it measure probabilities for decision- making in real time.

Release Notes

We are constantly improving our product. Find out about our latest release notes.