Hallucinations in generative AI: a little-known subject

The arrival of ChatGPT has been breathtaking and has seen a worldwide popularisation of generative artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, beyond this craze, how much can we trust the answers produced by AI? Following an ICT Journal exchange with Yannick Chavanne on this subject, we decided to delve a little deeper into the subject of generative AI […]

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Chatbot Integration

In an age where a majority of interactions are done on smartphones, it’s not always appropriate to see chatbots as bubbles on the backend of websites. Following the redesign of Deeplink’s frontend this summer, many possibilities to include its virtual agent in its site have been added. Here is the presentation of the different integrations,

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Episode 1: Birth

This article was automatically translated. Read the original in french. Saturday 15 December 2018, 4pm: I turned 40 today. In one hour I’ve just eaten cake, handed in my resignation and sold my house. Midlife crisis or new beginning? Hello. My name is Jérôme Berthier and yes, a little over three years ago I decided

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A new blog

Welcome to the new Deeplink blog! After weeks of preparation, we are very pleased to launch this new blog. In an industry that is constantly changing, where complex artificial intelligence algorithms are mixed with large and unintuitive datasets, it was important to us to create a space to share articles with you. It will also

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