About US

We are Deeplink

Deeplink is a Swiss start-up specialized in Artificial Intelligence and the creation of virtual assistants. We are based in the heart of one of the most prestigious innovation campuses in Europe: EPFL in Lausanne.

We are young, passionate, and striving to become a leader of machine leaning and AI technologies, changing the way we interact daily.

"Creating a deep link between technology and people."

Our name bears our leitmotiv, to create a deep link between technology and people. Artificial Intelligence, big data, and algorithms are revolutionizing our world and affecting people everywhere, so we decided to give control back to the people themselves.

By removing the mystery from these complex technologies, and making them accessible and relevant to people without any IT or coding background, we believe that technology can be an even more impactful tool than ever before.

Finding Us

EPFL Innovation park
Building C
CH - 1015 Lausanne

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