Beetle 1.6.3: Increments

What’s New

In this release, we’ve addressed several small issues.

  • Announced in the last release, the sending of card’s had been empowered, to allow the specification of one or several recipient(s), a subject and a sender name. Note that these fields can be dynamic, if you use variables. We’ve also fixed a few bugs, linked to variable substitution and images in emails.
  • The Dialog Editor now warns of concurrent edition of the chatbot: no more risks of erasing a colleague’s work. We’ve also taken this opportunity to improve copy-past of objects.
  • Finally, just for the fans of Star Trek we’ve introduced teleportation! Well, it’s only half of a joke: there is now a new action which allows you to switch from one bot to another, if you believe this other can better answer users’ questions. It’s a first step, and we will continue to work on this. But as the captain of the starship USS Enterprise would say: “Things are only impossible until they’re not