AI Storyteller

Reinventing Conversations

Everyone loves a story. What if it became a conversation? IA Storyteller is our innovative new product, that reinvents web pages. Focus on your story, we’ll make sure it becomes an experience, where our embedded IA will automatically guide and interact with your audience.

How It Works

First, the content

What is the story you wish to tell? Just like for a book, define your chapters and divide them into different sections. AI Storyteller analyses your content and prepares it for the AI engine.

Then, the layout

Choose among multiple layout proposals and effects, we’ll take care of transforming it into scrollytelling. AI Storyteller automatically builds an immersive and dynamic experience around scrolling.

Finally, the conversation

And now, forge the core of your dialog. Integrate it to your narrative, to create a link with your audience and answer their questions. AI Storyteller navigates smoothly between topics and empowers users thanks to Deeplink’s AI engine.

They Trust Us

Avec Vous – TL

For the launch of the 2023 bus network, Lausanne’s public transports (tl) have used an AI Storyteller to accompany their users.  The portal “Avec vous” presents in a fun and visual way the changes, whilst answering many travelers’ questions.

Through conversation, it is possible to verify if a trip is impacted by the changes of lines. But one can also aswk open questions, such as “What happened to line 12?”. It’s easy – the AI understands and helps for real.

AI Storyteller - Alpha

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