Beetle 1.10.1: Stable & Gentle

Time for an update on our latest developments. We’ve been working on the platform’s stabilisation & optimisation, especially on the automatic translation tools. It’s an ongoing task.

We’ve also got some novelty: we’re launching two new features today. The first allows you to open a Deeplink chatbot in the middle of a dialog. This is extremely useful when you want to switch from one bot to another, and dive right into the topic of interest. To do so, you must first define an anchor on the first message of a topic. This is done in our dialog editor, in the advanced parameters pane, where you set an “External Anchor”. Then you can call you bot by referencing that anchor in the URL. With a fullscreen bot, add ?state=yourAnchor to the URL. With a bot as widget, you’ll need a JS function to setState(). And option to reset the dialog exists as second parameter. An example is given at the bottom of this release not.

The second new feature is destined at helping you onboard new customers: you can now spotlight an element on a page, whilst your chatbot explains it’s meaning & functioning. The spotlight darkens the whole page except the HTML element you want to highlight. You select an element, you must enter it’s CSS ID in the advanced pane of a message. This feature is currently in BETA release – your feedback is welcome.

document.getElementById('chatbot').__vue_custom_element__.$children[0].setState(state, resetDialog)