Author name: Nicolas J.

Beetle 1.4.2: Stabilisation

A round of behind-the-scenes fixes are bringing stabilisation this week. We got rid of some glitches around our cards, such as the automatic ordering of the versions. The translations now properly handle all types of variables, including dropdown values. And we’ve introduced a new language into our platform: Arabic.

Beetle 1.3.3

This week has all been about fine tuning, what some might call submarine operations.  Improvements Our submariners ironed out some display glitches on the chatbot’s visuals They worked on the statistics engine. With some new queries, and a revised architecture, everything should run faster and smoother now Our IT bubbleheads also made some server optimisations, relying …

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Beetle 1.3.2: Cards

What’s New In this week’s release, we’ve worked on the cards. The cards are now fully multilingual, with an automatic tool to translate from the main language. At the same time, we added a full versioning control tool on the cards. Improvements We’ve finished migrating our Natural-Language Understanding (NLU engine) to our swiss-based cloud We’ve …

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