Beetle 1.5.3: Increments

The last two weeks have been busy with many incremental changes.

What’s New

  • Accessibility. We believe the Web should be accessible to everyone. This is especially true with chatbots, as they are a great tool for people with disabilities, as they allow to reach content faster, typically thanks to AI. So we worked on our chatbot to make them more compatible with screen readers, by providing specific screen-reader messages, keyboard navigation, identification of the sender, etc.
  • New Slider. We’ve implemented a new slider, easier to handle, displaying clearer increments.
  • Laptop Layout. Continuing on previous work, we’ve optimised the editor’s layout further, to accommodate smaller screen resolutions.

Minor Fixes

  • Cards are now refreshed if you navigate between messages with “Previous choice” or “change subject”.
  • Intents can no longer be deleted when they are in use. And they may be renamed without corrupting the dialog.
  • The signup process have been made smoother.


  • We have introduced Smart Variables. A variable is no longer linked to a single value, but can be a group of values (a list). This smart feature allows to pack together elements, and for a logical entity. For example, you could create a variable for Europe, and list all countries inside. Then when a user gives his country, it would naturally be associated with Europe for the rest of the dialogue.