About Us

We are Deeplink, your Swiss partner committed to sovereign and secure artificial intelligence. With our AI solutions, you keep your data in Switzerland and benefit from independent technology ready to transform your business. We strive to create a deep connection between humans and technology, and believe in sustainable and social AI. Our offices are located in Renens. Come and visit us or make an appointment!

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    Les Ateliers de la Ville de Renens
    Chemin du Closel 5,
    1020 Renens – Switzerland

    For technical questions: support@deeplink.ai

    History of a name

    “Deeplink” literally means “deep link” in English. This is our leitmotiv: we want to create a strong link between Man and technology. It is also a nod to the techniques of artificial intelligence learning, Deep Learning.

    As big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning revolutionise our world, we want to help remove the mystery from these complex technologies. When used properly, AI can greatly contribute to improving our lives. Our challenge is to make it accessible and relevant to everyone, including people with no computer training.

    Behind Deeplink is a team of curious, passionate people who, while building a great product, are committed to saving our planet.

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