ONGs et fondations

Chatbots pour les organisations non gouvernementales

Les chatbots peuvent également avoir un fort impact au sein des organisations non-gouvernementales, en réunissant les gens, et en cassant les barrières administratives. Découvrez comment fournir ces solutions innovantes, favorisant le changement au sein des NGO grâce aux assistants que Deeplink permet de créer.

TODO Knowledge is Power

TODO Perhaps the greatest and most socially-impactful advantage of our AI-enabled virtual assistants is their ability to facilitate access to information, even for the differently-abled. With access to complete and correct information, through a simple-to-use platform, people everywhere can be empowered to make better decisions, and communicate more clearly. Whether promoting lifesaving healthcare programmes, assisting farmers in more efficient production techniques, or encouraging peaceful and coherent discourse on sensitive topics, having clear communication, available 24/7 and in multiple languages, ensures that your message reaches its audience with more impact than ever before.

TODO Deploying & Testing Innovative Solutions

TODO To verify the efficacy of new services and concepts, such as the digitization of processes, institutions must gather feedback both internally and externally and adjust where necessary. This was previously a time-consuming process with the potential for bias and error.’s AI-enabled chatbots can easily and quickly collect and sort feedback both positive and negative, providing real-time statistics and key data metrics. This allows institutions to test and adjust their solutions in a cost-effective and responsive manner. Furthermore, the neutral nature of a technology-based solution reinforces a transparent process and maintains both stakeholder and public confidence.

TODO Simplifying Processes & Achieving Greater Impact

TODO A good idea is only as good as someone’s ability to discover it, and use it. One of the greatest challenges in change leadership remains making sense of a plethora of information to find the right document, contact person, or department to address a specific need. Thanks to’s solution, institutions can independently create intelligent chatbots for each of their many departments, allowing for autonomy, cost control, and flexibility, which in turn are linked together by a centralized control interface, which serves as a single point of access and control for management or stakeholders. Our AI technology can dispatch each user’s request to the correct underlying department’s chatbot, greatly simplifying internal procedures, turnaround times, and overall efficiency.