The chatbot, a strong competitive tool

Why create a chatbot?

The conversational agent is there to bring added value to users and an additional quality of service.

The chatbot, an extension of customer service

Beyond its innovative aspect, the chatbot is a strong competitive tool that allows :

  • Answer standard questions: at any time, there is no more loss of contact. No more latency of response. A 24-hour customer service.
    Open dialogue and generate optimised interactions.
  • Improve workflows and productivity: lighten the load on customer support by automatically processing numerous and often repetitive requests and thus focus on more advanced requests and concentrate resources on tasks with higher added value.
  • Improve the customer experience: guide customers or prospects with interactive elements and provide personalised recommendations to make them feel supported.
    The other advantage of chatbot is that it immerses the user in the brand universe and even restores a slightly tarnished brand image.
  • Increase conversion rates: customer relations are the basis of a successful business.

A chatbot service can build strong links by engaging users who come to your website or social networks. The chatbot therefore supports other communication channels already in place. Connect with your customers across all channels (WordPress, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger…). The conversational agent is there to bring added value to users and extra quality of service.

Chatbot Use Case

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