Public services

Chatbots for public services

Chatbot can also be a strong partner when it comes to public services. By helping citizens easily find information and access documents, the virtual assistant can drive efficiency and support citizens during crises. This is even more true in times of Covid pandemic, where chatbots can help residents find relief & health procedures, 24/7. Discover some of the key Public Services related use-cases for chatbots, that Deeplink supports.

Providing Citizens Easy Access to Documents & Information

We can probably agree – government processes regarding paperwork, information requests, etc., are not always a smooth or efficient experience for citizens, or government staff. Indeed, the large amount of information and documents available is often a hindrance in the execution of official procedures. Using’s Artificial Intelligence chatbot, public administrations can greatly enhance their capacity to respond to the demands of a growing population, whilst providing quicker service, and respecting budgetary constraints. Citizens can converse naturally with our online chatbot in multiple languages, 24/7, and receive direct replies to questions, or be sent relevant forms and documents through automated emailing. Our platform is truly a win-win solution, freeing up staff resources whilst ensuring the best possible response times and clarity of information for the public.

24/7 online citizens’ support during crises

COVID-19, natural disasters, etc.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions on the ability of public administrations to adapt and respond to exceptional situations. Indeed, public organizations and more particularly informational hotlines, have been overwhelmed by requests from both companies and individuals on a range of topics (reduced working hours, safety measures, extended tax-filing deadlines, allowances for self-employed persons, etc). provides intelligent, AI-enabled chatbots which provide an efficient, low-cost solution to handling thousands of simultaneous demands, 24/7, in multiple languages. This ability to provide the public with clear information anytime, anywhere, via an online platform, is key in maintaining the trust of the public and control of challenging situations and crises.

Deploying and Testing Innovative Solutions and Initiatives

In order to verify the efficacy of new services, such as the digitization of services and documents, public administrations must gather feedback from the public and adjust where necessary. This was previously a time-consuming process with the potential for bias and error.’s AI-enabled chatbots can easily and quickly collect and sort feedback both positive and negative, providing real-time statistics and key data metrics. This allows public sector to test and adjust their solutions in a cost-effective and responsive manner. Furthermore, the neutral nature of a technology-based solution reinforces a transparent process and maintains public confidence.