Chatbots for Insurance

Chatbots can create lasting relationships in the world of insurances. They can help generate more leads by engaging closely with your clients. With AI, they can rapidly become a reliable point of contact for clams filing and general enquiries. Discover some of the classic insurance related use-cases for chatbots, that Deeplink supports.

A Tireless and Reliable Point of Contact

From claims filing and general queries, all the way to ascertaining the best course of action for a client in need of medical care, our intelligent AI-enabled chatbots provide tangible results day or night. These chatbots can process multiple requests simultaneously, and in multiple languages, ensuring each valued customer received the best possible experience. For certain Swiss mandatory healthcare (LAMal/VVG/KVG) models, clients could detail symptoms and receive guidance or authorization to contact their doctor directly from your helpdesk bot created together with, ensuring the quickest possible processing, and freeing up human staff to tackle more complex and detailed cases.

Data Analysis – Because Knowledge is Power

You need robust and cost-effective data analysis to remain competitive. Our Artificial Intelligence allows for more granular data management, providing a more robust underwriting process, and ensuring an optimum balance between internal risk budgeting and competitive insurance premiums. As if that weren’t enough, our intelligent bots learn over time, just like any human colleague, and get better at the job they do. From verifying underlying details in claims reporting using external data (ie. Was it really raining heavily that day, in that place, as our client claimed was a cause of the accident?), all the way to helping predicting how terms and conditions can adapt to the times, minimizing potential abuse and loopholes, our intelligent bots are the best hire you will ever make.

Engage more closely with your clients, and Find Sales Opportunities

Due to the structure of the industry, and how many insurance agents are remunerated, insurance professionals often manage portfolios of hundreds, if not over a thousand clients at a time, all while attempting to perpetually sign new clients and new business. This makes it difficult to give each of your valued clients the attention they deserve, and remain up to speed with the changes, plans, and challenges in their lives. Our intelligent bots, using AI technology, can turn the vast amounts of discreet data your company possesses into targeted conversation-starters that let every client know: you’re paying attention to them. From making product recommendations based on claims patterns to suggesting investment and savings opportunities in line with a client’s risk and compliance profile, the assistance that can be provided by our easy-to-use chatbot and AI technology helps you boost client retention, by forging deeper, more personal relationships.