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Chatbots for Health & Pharma

By being available at any time, a medical chatbot can reassure your patients in answering simple medical questions rapidly. But chatbots can also schedule appointments and procedures, and relieve your hotlines. Discover some of the classic health & pharma related use-cases for chatbots, that Deeplink supports.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Medical professionals are often over-solicited by simple and sometimes repetitive questions. This is even more true during the current COVID-19 pandemic, with many information hotlines being overloaded, and staff overworked, in order to provide the public with vital information. With’s intelligent AI chatbots, users will receive instant answers to all common questions 24/7, in multiple languages, anywhere they have an internet connection. Patients can ask the chatbot questions and receive answers in a conversational manner, facilitating their access to information and reducing staff workloads. Our smart chatbot platform can be easily customized to meet the needs of both small and large medical practices and hospitals, and provides critical administrative support, allowing our cherished medical heroes to do what they do best!

Scheduling of Appointments & Procedures

Even in the best of times, the scheduling of medical appointments is often a challenging task. From busy phone lines to part-time reception staff, booking an appointment that fits both the medical center and the patient can be demanding. For practices with multiple staff, or patients requiring the intervention of multiple staff, coordinating between schedules can further complicate the process. Our AI-powered chatbot platform can be used to relieve this burden by scheduling appointments with patients straight from our chatbot into your data system in less than a minute. Furthermore,’s artificial intelligence engine communicates and converses with multiple users in parallel, finding the ideal time slot for all parties, every time. Efficient, automated scheduling management allows you to reduce administration overheads, while ensuring that your practice assists the most patients in the most timely manner.

Promoting The Responsible Use of Our Healthcare System

Humans are curious – we can’t help it – and checking one’s symptoms has always been a priority for anyone who is feeling unwell. With almost universal internet access today, the scourge of self-diagnosis is both a burden on healthcare professionals, and a risk to patients. In the COVID-19 pandemic for example, chatbots could have proven a powerful ally in alleviating these challenges by providing feedback about patient’s symptoms, and allowing them to understand what course of action should be taken next, all from the comfort of their own homes, 24/7, and in multiple languages.
But it’s never too late to start and the Medical centers can integrate our intelligent chatbots directly into their websites, providing a first line of triage support. By customizing our chatbots to your needs, and providing them with the right answers, you can ensure that patients will receive the right information, every time.