Financial Services

Chatbots for Banking

Chatbots can be a real game changer for banking. They help forge smarter & faster financial services, typically by helping support new customers at every stage of their onboarding. But they can also reduce paperwork, and improving your client-relationship. Discover some of the classic banking related use-cases for chatbots, that Deeplink supports.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Staff in banks and financial institutions are often required to respond to similar, repetitive questions from clients, pertaining to information this is publicly available, but perhaps difficult to find. Our AI-enabled chatbots allow clients to get the answers they need in a conversational way 24/7, and in multiple languages, ensuring their needs are fulfilled in a timely and comfortable manner. With the platform, you can easily create fully-customizable chatbots which provide reliable answers to FAQs such as: how to freeze an account when a credit card is lost; how to add a cardholder to an account; product inquiries; information on interest rates; quick access to documents and forms, and more. The tireless support provided by our platform ensures that staff resources are allocated efficiently, whilst facilitating client’s access to valuable information.​

Client Onboarding

Personalized, Quick, and Easy.’s AI-enabled chatbots can revolutionize customer experience and increase brand loyalty, by helping clients to complete even complex paperwork efficiently. By asking relevant questions, our technology can determine which forms and documents are required for an account opening, and can even pre-populate the forms using the client’s information. This valuable time-saving is greatly valued both by clients and by relationship managers. Furthermore, our platform can function 24/7, and in multiple languages, allowing the smooth processing of any new banking or investment relationship.

Facilitating Core Banking Activities

Despite various advancements in technology, core banking activities often remain paperwork-heavy for both banking staff, and clients. A highly-regulated environment and increased public scrutiny requires complete and correct documentation in every instance, and any mistake can be costly. From renewing loans and mortgages, to opening new currency accounts, or even informing clients of investment events such as redemptions, coupons, or strikes,’s intelligent chatbots can be adapted to your needs. Laborious, simple tasks are often those where errors occur, and this may be the greatest advantage of our platform. By integrating security checks and confirmation options, empowered by our Artificial Intelligence, we can save time and money, and reduce the potential for error, supporting your team in what they do best.

Every Client has a story – learn it and engage better.

Let’s face it, from retail to corporate to UHNW clients, we are all still human – and we like to be seen as individuals. For centuries, the personal relationship between banker and client has been the foundation of a stable and successful commercial partnership. In today’s world, that reality is proving more time consuming, and harder to maintain. Our intelligent bots, using AI technology, can turn the vast amounts of discreet data your bank possesses into targeted conversation-starters that let every client know: you’re paying attention to them. From making product recommendations based on spending patterns to suggesting investment opportunities in line with a client’s risk and compliance profile, the assistance provided by our easy-to-use technology helps you boost client retention, by forging deeper, more personal relationships.