Talk to your documents

Discover our new AI tool that turns your documents into a chatbot

Turn your documents into a chatbot

With a revolutionary approach, we turn your unreadable documents into a simple and intuitive conversation. No more time spent searching for the relevant clause in a contract, here is the virtual assistant that answers all your audience’s questions.

No more complex and unreadable documents

Humans have always prepared documents that contain a lot of information. But with the advent of the Internet, we have to admit that this medium has a number of limitations. By trying to cram too much content into a single document, it becomes long, complex and indigestible. Take an insurance contract, for example: who has never had trouble finding the right line in an endless document to check whether or not the case was covered? And it’s even worse when there are several contracts to compare.

With Deeplink’s new artificial intelligence tool, you can hide this complexity and focus on providing answers to your users. Our innovative tool analyses the content of the documents provided, and builds an AI-powered chatbot that, whatever the answer, will find the answer.

A tailor-made solution

We can help you set up an automatic bot that works with your documents.

Contact us for more information or a demo. We will quickly provide you with an analysis and support you in launching your first document chatbot.