Powerful Analytics & Autonomous Communication's Channel Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Deeplink is a smart engagement platform, that lets you leverage the power of AI in a simple way, enriching your relationship with digital customers. It’s fast, data driven and easy to use.

  • Increase Volumes Handled by Support

    Treat up to 40% more tickets by automating answers with a bot, in any language, 24/7 and let your team focus on more challenging cases.

  • Improve Your Net Promoter Score

    By being at your customers’ side at all times, providing smart answers, you can raise your Csta by 25%, minimize the users’ effort and slash by 5 the average waiting time.

  • Understand Your Customers

    Thanks to automatic segmentation, detailed usage statistics (popular AI intents), sentiment analysis and behaviour alerts, let data drive your strategy and reduce operational costs.

  • Leverage New Technology

    Launch new digital experiences without a big bang. Thanks to our no-code tool, easy to setup AI, marketplace of integrations and our dedicated team, launch in a few weeks!

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