A Chatbot focused on business

As customers engage and interact with conversational virtual agents, the experience becomes not only more normal, but also more predictable

Chatbot - Business solutions and use cases

Discover below the business solutions that you can implement with a Chatbot

Study after study shows that clients want fast, simple processes, and will often choose companies based on this factor alone. But how to do that without increase your operational cost? Artificial Intelligence is your best ally to make this challenge a success, it will improve your customer’s engagement and experience, whilst reducing overheads, and supporting your workforce. No in this digital world Artificial Intelligence isn’t a threat, nor is it complicated, it’s more like a superpower! We understood it very quickly that is why our platform deeplink.ai brings AI into reach, with our unique NO-CODE, user friendly interface We can help you capture more market share, at less cost, using our simple and easy solutions. Our platform allows businesses to create their own smart chatbots themselves, providing a level of autonomy and flexibility unique in the marketplace.

Chatbot for Healthcare

Medical professionals are often overburdened by simple and sometimes repetitive questions.

Chatbot for Insurance

From claims filing and general queries, all the way to ascertaining the best course of action for a client in need of medical care.

Chatbot for Public Services

Providing Citizens Easy Access to Documents & Information.

Discover use case of a Chatbot for Public Services

Chatbot for Bank

Staff in banks and financial institutions are often required to respond to similar, repetitive questions from clients, pertaining to information this is publicly available, but perhaps difficult to find.